• LaurieLorry has devised, written and performed seven professional shows and has built up a following in the East Midlands Region.

    Elaine Pantling is the woman behind LaurieLorry and she spent twenty years working as a 'Time Served Cutter' in the hosiery trade. On leaving university, she formed 'Laurielorry Theatre Company'.

    Elaine has worked with adults who have learning difficulties and she has written and directed two films - "My Genes Don't Fit" (Supported by The Wellcome Trust) and "I Love You More Than Cheese" (Sponsored by Lloyds TSB)

    Client comments:

    "Working with eKit has really helped to move my business on and gives an ideal platform for my work. Woody's design expertise is second to none, he has absolutely captured the quirky nature of my work and totally gets me!"

    Elaine Pantling

    Laurie Lorry Theatre Company
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