• The Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF) originally approached eKit in 2009 in order to help them plan and produce a new website. 6 year later for us we completely rebuilt the site with a new responsive, scaleable website template and new Content Management System.
    The WPIF is a representative organisation giving voice to the industrial manufacturers in the United Kingdom and Ireland of Wood Chipboard, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).
    With a particular focus on technical and environmental influences, the role of the federation is to support its members' processing activities and their products in the market.
    I keep meaning to ask them for an updated message from them! Until I do, here is their feedback from 2009:

    Feedback on their website built on eKit CMS 2.6

    "As a trade association our aim for the new website was as a window into the world of wood based panels, giving relevant and useful information for the industry and users of wood based panels.
    "We also wanted the website to give an insight into our activities, who we were and to have a professional look. It was therefore imperative that our website was user-friendly and that the information was easy to access and it ‘looked the part’.
    "Since the launch of the website using eKit CMS, the feedback we have had has all been positive. Users are impressed with the looks and are pleased with how easy it is to get the information they need and quickly.
    "Also from the point of view of the trade association it eases our work load as we can direct people to the website when they call for information and the added bonus is that when we need to access key information ourselves it is easy to access.
    "As first time users of a Content Management System we were pleased to be able to draft and redraft pages until we were happy and to add information as and when we wanted to.
    "The populating of the website with information and the creating of pages in a format that was acceptable, was straight forward and on the whole logical, where we came unstuck with trying something a little out of the ordinary we found the support given by eKit very good.

    "On the whole very pleased and thinking about what we can do next with the site to be further benefit to our business."

    Ian Rochester
    (Technical Affairs Manager – Wood Panel Industries Federation)

    5th January 2010

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