• Mon, Aug 20, 2012
  • Here are a few tools provided by Google that can help you get the most out of your eKit WebManager website: These can easily be setup by us on any eKit website for you to use.


    Google Analytics is an free analysis tool to help you review and analyse the information about the visitors to your website.
    At a basic level, it can help you see how many visitors you are getting to your website and where they are from, but it is a very powerful tool to and can help you to:
    • Analyse which parts of your website work well
    • Test different page styles and processes out.
    • Understand your various marketing campaigns

    Webmaster Tools

    Though stilll very much related to Search Engine visibility, Webmaster tools helps you manage and understand your website and it's performance from a more technical aspect.
    You can submit and have validated your website's sitemap file. This file is generated automatically by your eKit WebManager CMS and contains an index of all your pages.
    Google Webmaster Tools can also help find basic errors on your website and also give you an insight into how your website is viewed by Google and into any problems preventing this from happening properly.
    The Google Webmasters page links to these tools and a number of other resources to aid business website owners.

    Google Adwords

    Google's online advertising service is called Adwords. If you are wanting to advertise your site on Google, then Adwords is the place to go!
    Google Adwords is a flexible services that allows you to dip your toe into the world on online advertising, and as you expand your campaign, it has all the right tools to help you monitor ads, manage ads and asses their performance.

    Google Adsense

    If your website has sufficient traffic, then there may be the option to display advertisements on your website from those who use Googles ad services.
    This is a business decision as it can change the way your website is used by your visitors. I don't tent to like or promote Adsense (or other methods of website ads), but they do work in places - otherwise why would ebay and Amazon use them?
    If you want to chat about how your site can benefit from Google tools, then comment below or give us a call.
    Thanks and see you again soon.