• Blogging is a simple and structured way to publish online and is a great way to keep fresh, up-to-date content on your website. A typical blog may be someone’s personal account of things that interest them, an expert’s opinions on a subject or latest news from a business.

    Blogging the right way

    Blogging is a good to communicate with customers, suppliers, employees, investors and other interested parties. If you wish to give people a brief overview of what you do, then you can put news summary page on your hompage, as on the Large Scale Film Homepage. 
    Things to consider to ensure your get the most out of your blog:
    • Make sure you know exactly what you need to write about, and dont stray too much
    • Know the type of person who is likely to want to read your blog and write for them
    • Be completely transparent and open about who, what, why when you are blogging
    • Remember to use your business style and logo on your blog posts
    • Ensure your writings have a specific topic - don’t make entries vague.
    • Try to be consistent and regular with your blogs - (can be hard for smaller businesses)
    • Remember your blog is in the web, so keep search engines in mind and optimise it!
    • Advertise your blog when you can, like you would your website address
    • Network with other relevant blogs - leave comments and feedback on relevant blogs

    What can I talk about in a blog?

    The information in a blog needs to appeal to your readers. So keep your blog interesting by writing about FAQs, business and industry news, and your products and services.  Once you start to get a readership and those visitors adding comments on your posts, then you can start to ask your readers questionss and ask for feedback.
    Don’t be afraid to use pictures in your blogs. Podcasts - audio and video blogs are like a blog, but with audio and/or video. It is a regular publication that can be listened to or viewed on the website or downloaded onto a portable media device, like an mp3 player, ipod or iphone.

    RSS and News aggregators

    Blogs can be read by using ‘readers’ that collate your favourite reads into one place on your computer or portable device. From here you can manage your subscriptions to each blog.
    Google Reader is an example of a commonly used Reader that is based on the web. You can also get software that you run on your own computer to manage your news feeds. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a common format in which blog and news feeds are published in.