• Communication via email is a great way of marketing to existing customers.  Maintaining a quality marketing newsletter can be a valuable marketing tool and encourage repeat business. Being low-cost, customisable and entirely measurable, it can be a most cost effective way of eMarketing . . . when used responsibly and correctly!
    Small businesses may manage a small distribution list in their email software (e.g. Microsoft Outlook), while larger companies may use a more comprehensive system called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that helps them understand and communicate to their customers more effectively and efficiently.
    There are some important rules to follow.  In some cases, no newsletter is better that a poor newsletter!
    • Build your distribution list - Getting the ‘opt in’
    • Don’t SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM... Or buy lists of business emails!
    • Keep the content of your newsletter email relevant
    • Use a friendly tone of voice
    • Use a proper tool to manage your newsletter
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