• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a pricing method for advertising online and is used on search engine advertising.  You are charged a specified amount each time a search engine user clicks on your advert.

    The most popular Search Engine, (currently Google as of spring 2012), evolves constantly and is frequently coming up with new ways and locations for advertisers to get their message out there for your potential visitors to read and click. 
    The most common location for Pay-Per click adverts are on the right side of search engine results pages (SERPs). The prominence of your advert generally depends on how competitive the ‘Search Phrases’ are that you target, and also on how much you are prepared to pay for a visitor to click on your advert.

    Is PPC advertising right for your business?

    It may be if:
    • If you need to generate more business
    • Need a rapid response to your advertising investment
    • Would like to have a flexible and scalable advertising method
    • have some budget for advertising
    • Have time yourself to setup a campaign or can pay a professional to set one up

    Targetting the right search terms

    Your adverts will be shown to a searcher according to the specific search tern they used.  While you may think you know exactly what search terms will work for you, it is wse to do some proper research first on the Keyphrases that your potential customers will be using on search engines:
    • Brainstorming and generating an initial list of target phrases by thinking about basic products and services and business objectives
    • Consider thesaurus and pseudonyms, misspellings and plurals
    • Create a formal list of the keyphrases in a spreadsheet.
    • Think about what a potential customer would type in to look for your product, ASK them!
    • Employ an online marketing professional to research the billions of search phrases used out there every day.  There are tools such from Google and WordTracker that you can use to do this yourself, but make sure you dont go in blindly!
    • Expand the list of keyphrases using these tools and create a prioritised list

    Setting up your Adverts

    Once you have your list of phrases you are going to target, you need to plan your adverts. We have a sheet you can use to help you plan and create effective adverts for your campaigns. 
    • Keep in mind the phrase you are advertising for & your customers
    • Build the ad inline with the Search engines guides and rules
    • Build an effective landing page to allow your ad-clicker to get what you (and they) want!

    Monitoring the success of your PPC campaign

    You must monitor the success of your PPC campaigns by utilising  a web stats package on your website to monitor visitors, referrals and sales. This will help you focus on the most effective phrases and adverts and find out how your website is performing.