• Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website as near to the top as possible on the organic Search Engine results for specific key phrases.

    People type in specific search phrases into Search Engines, for example, ‘roman coin collection’.  Google and other Search Engines have a complex set of rules that calculate where any specific web page appears on any specific search terms’ results page.
    Getting high placements in the organic search results for any specific keyphrase involves a number of different ‘on-page’ and ‘off page’ contributing factors:

    On-page factors...

    are all about the preparation and optimisation of your web pages for search engines.

    Greatly simplified, this involves the task of building a website with pages that are both accessible to search engines, and include target keywords in all the right places - e.g. ‘Roman Coin Collection’ included in text content, file names, page title and headings etc.

    Off page factors

    include everything else that you do not have direct control over and are primarily concerned with links TO your website FROM other websites, called ‘backlinks’.

    These backlinks are regarded by Google as a sort of credit or vote for your website. The credit is weighted depending on the quality, popularity and relevance of the page that is linking to yours.
    A basic hyperlink uses specific text for the visible link on the page.
    In our example, the best link to your web page would be with the visible part of the link to contain the phrase ‘Roman Coin Collection’. like this:      Roman Coin Collection

    Efforts with both on-page and off-page factors are needed to successfully get your page ranked for a specific key phrase.

    There is also the factor of competition for those phrases. It will be far harder to get to the top of the results for a popular search phrase.

    Researching your Key Phrases

    Your key phrases must be properly researched using a tool to “dig” into databases of actual search terms that people use.
    If you don’t know exactly what phrases your customers are typing to search with, you simply won’t be able to optimise properly for search engines.

    There are a few market leaders that concern themselves with key phrase research. Wordtracker and Trellian are two of the biggest. Search for them on Google!