• It is important to periodically asses and measure the effectiveness of all your efforts in online marketing. There are various ways in which this can be done. On of the most fundamental tools is an analysis tool that can present the data about the use of your website. The best known of these is Google Analytics, though there are many other powerful tools on the market that do this. 
    If you are looking at updating an existing website, or put efforts into any online marketing (or offline marketing for that matter!), then it is important to do an initial review of your website. 
    Benchmarking and taking a snapshot of the current state of your website and how it is performing is necessary for measuring the success of any efforts or investments. This is true at the start of a new campaign, and also for ongoing assessment of a website’s performance.
    There is a long list of checks and measurements that can be done in order to review and report on the state of a website and its current performance with search engines:
    • Checking for ‘roadblocks’, proper website structure and errors
    • Testing keyphrase usage on the web pages using Search engine simulators
    • Backlink counts and reports
    • Testing the website with global web standards, browser types and screen sizes
    • Ensuring Google sitemap and visitor sitemap is up to date and accurate
    • Recording positions in Search Engines for specific search phrases
    • Recording the number of visitors and leads from the website using web stats software
    • Recording the weekly/monthly/quarterly income from the website
    These checks and figures need to be taken at regular intervals after a website has been launched to keep on eye on how it is behaving. A visitor analysis package is an invaluable tool to help you see how your website is performing.

    Looking at How visitors use your site

    A visitor analysis package for your website is essential in order to have on-going access to detailed information and statistics about your visitors and search engines that are using your website.  If you don’t have this in place, then there is no way to accurately determine the success of your online marketing campaigns, how you are getting traffic to your site and how visitors are using your website.
    at eKit, depending on your requirements, we can use Google Analytics, Matrixstats and AWStats as examples of 3 analysis packages.  Google Analytics comes free with eKit’s website CMS systems is simple to use on your own website. For more information see:   http://www.google.com/analytics

    Clocking your competition

    When planning a Search Engine Marketing strategy, it helps to have an idea of how your competitors websites are performing.  Alexa ratings, Google page rank and Current search engines placements for specific key phrases can be recorded in order to benchmark you and any number of your competitors. See:  http://www.alexa.com

    It is well worth looking at how the big boys do things.  Companies like Amazon and eBay will have departments dedicated to Search Engine Marketing, so its worth spending some time taking some time to analyse how they do things.