• Whether you wish to retain your current business styling, create a fresh new look and brand, or wish us to build a template from one of your own designs or preferred designers - we have the experience to build you a responsive web template that performs well across all platforms.

    Firstly we need to understand your business, define the features and facilities your website requires and determine the new or existing branding and style. Then we can move onto the job of template design.
    A few different stages and techniques are used for producing a web template design:

    The rough / mockup / preview 

    Firstly - getting creative. Will look at building some mockups for a web page or two using either paper & markers or photoshop.
    We try and come up with a few different options initially, and are happy to work along side you at this stage as it can often help to bring up other issues and help everyone involved to understand the project as a whole.

    The Wireframe - Your page layouts

    Planning the structure and layout of the content as it will be on key pages, these are often referred to as 'Wireframes' and used to give an initial logical layout to a page by showing the main elements' location and areas.
    With wireframes nowadays, there is a need to determine the relative importance of content on a page, as with smaller screen devices, the visual structure of a page will change. 'Primary' content needs to retain prominent across all screen sizes.

    Refining the design

    There then comes the task of refining the designs and layout of various pages.  This may be accomplished by using a visual design tool to show the final design proofs, or we may go straight into building a preview in HTML & CSS.
    If you have generated your own design within your business, or have your own preferred designers you wish to use, then we can work with these designers to produce a website that can be managed and edited easily using a Content Management System.
    Please be aware that a professional graphic designer is not a professional web designer, and design of a visual web template is only a fraction of the work - a web design then need to take this . . .

    From graphic design to webpage

    The final task is the conversion of the static website design into HTML (now XHTML) and CSS - the building blocks of a website. This is an important task and must be done in such a way that complies with best practices and standards compliance.
    Still your site is not ready for you! The Content Management System needs to be integrated to enable you to manage your pages, menus, documents, images, video, products and anything else you wish to easily manage on the website.