• Our business grade hosting services run on modern virtual and dedicated server systems. Our servers are housed in one of the UK's largest and leading 24/7 manned and maintained secure data centre. It boasts the latest server hardware, networks and environmental control technology.
    Our huge pipe to the internet is provided by more than one leading telecoms company to ensure a reliable connection at every minute of every day of every year.
    All our hosting solutions run on server hardware with Raid disk systems, adding to the robustness of your system and maximise uptime for your website. All your server data is backup to a remote server on a daily (actually nightly!) basis.
    Our web and email servers run Microsoft and Linux operating systems. If you have specific requirements for setup and configuration of a dedicated server, then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements further.
    Our business grade hosting services start from just
    £99 +VAT  per year.