Demo - Simple Sunrise Timelapse

  • Video has been one of the fastest growing areas of the internet over the last few years. Not only are there many services out there on the web that provide video, but more people are using video as part of their personal and busines world.

    Video on your web

    If you wish to publish a short video on your business, or need to build a more comprehensive series of videos for use in an application on the web, then we can provide you with tools to publish video on your website. A solution can involve HTML5 and Flash formats to target as many devices and browsers as possible

    Shooting, Editing and Video production

    We have the capacity to produce video in our own studio. We also have setups for timelapse recording that can help add meaningful and interesting clips of footage to your video.
    For more comprehensive projects, we have a number of specialists in videography and large scale film making that we work with to shoot, edit, produce and publish your material.