• eKit's Website management system, called 'WebManager'  includes a versatile Database management application that enables you to manage your data (be it products, events or contacts etc) in a simple and efficient way.  Our experienced developers can configure your CMS application to fit your data and communication requirements - be that selling products with many options or collecting data via web forms.

    What are the benefits of managing content with a database management system?

    If we utilise a database system to create, store, manage and publish this information, then we have a powerful way to automate the presentation of this data on a page. WebManager Database management systems can:
    • Maintain consistency and a professional look when publishing data and information
    • Save time with creating, updating and managing the information
    • Enable data to be properly validated before it is saved into the system
    • Enable individuals and I.T. systems to access and update the data anytime.
    • Help automate business processes. e.g. Stock control, data collection etc.
    • Provide valuable management information e.g. Reports and forecasting

    Examples of database types

    Here are some common examples of types of information, found on websites, that benefit from being managed with WebManager Database tools: Products, News items, Events, Customers, Employees, Members, Photo collections, Artwork, Videos, Services.... etc!
    Examples of more specific customised database types used by many websites:
    • Vacancies - For a recruitment company
    • Properties - For an estate agents
    • Vehicles - For a car dealership
    • Birds species - For the RSPB
    • Holes - For a premier Golf course
    • Retail outlets - For any retail company
    • Latest industry news - Video, audio or text format with RSS feeds (a common standard used with sharing web content).
    We can determine whether any of your web site requirements can be met by existing software solutions, or if we need to develop a new web application from your specifications. There's no point in re-inventing the wheel, but for more specific business requirements, it can pay to develop a fresh solution rather than just to make do with what is there already.