• If you need us to write texts for your website then we are more than happy to get involved.
    Writing content for the web is not something that always comes naturally.  Having a professional help out with texts for your site is advised in some cases. They can help with:

    • Writing and structuring texts for for users who skim
    • Writing for encouraging sales and ‘actions’ by the visitor
    • Writing for Search Engine Optimisation
    • Writing for your target audience from a business perspective
    • Writing for your target audience from a readability perspective
    • Writing with a consistent business ‘Voice’
    The same goes for the building and publishing of this content.  We can provide a website to our customers with just a few web pages setup, and then they build the pages themselves and while this can keep costs down, pages can lack a level of finishing - especially if the editor does not have any web editing experience.