• Most web applications, for example on-line shopping facilities or discussion forums, have a range of simple, ready made solutions available. These 'off-the-shelf' web application will vary in quality, price and functionality. What if your business website requirements does not have an exisiting off-the-shelf software solution readily available?

    We can determine whether any or all of your website requirements can be met by existing software solutions, or if we need to develop a new web application from your specifications.
    There's no point in re-inventing the wheel, but for more specific business requirements, it can pay to develop software afresh rather than just to make do with what is there already.

    Some examples of simple web applications for business websites:

    • Online forms and feedback + data capture and questionaires etc
    • Email newsletter & subscription facilities
    • Online shop / brochure management
    • Online document management and distribution
    • Customer / member / business discussion areas & online collaboration
    • News publishing facilities and RSS feeds
    • Diary and event management & publication
    • Image and photo galleries
    • Contact management & communications - CRM systems
    • Website & database Search facilities
    • Tests, polls, surveys and feedback systems