• Online Shop Administration and management systems, like eKit CMS, need to be clear, hassle-free and include a few key utilities:
    • Top class Product presentation methods
    • Product management tools - product details, documents and images
    • Payment processing admin
    • Shipping and postage options
    • Stock monitoring and supply chain management (for larger businesses)
    eKit CMS gives the online shop owner a simple way to manage an advanced, standards compliant and secure online shop. It also builds your website's ecommerce pages automatically with measures for  Online Marketing ready built in. 
    Online marketing must be considered when setting up an ecommerce system. There is no point spending money on a website system if nobody visits it and buys from it!

    The Trust Factor

    Visitors to your site will need to trust you, your business, and/or your website before they buy anything . This can be achieved by building a professional business site with clearly stated security measures, contact details and well presented products and services.
    Real customer testimonials and product /purchaser reviews can be a good practice. These integrated into your website will also help assure visitors of your trustworthyness.

    Keeping it quick and simple

    Your online shop website and software needs to be responsive, clear and follow the usual process of buying online. Offering a good range of payment methods and search options will help convert visitors to customers.
    Setting up your own e-commerce website is an initial commitment of both time and money, but can grow into a huge asset for a company over time.